We live at a time where we visualize certain dreams for our little ones and teenagers and put every effort to ensure that they work in the right direction. Apart from academics, we provide a great deal of importance to our time tested value system - SRS has imbibed this facet to the core so that all our SRSians are rooted to our Indian culture and traditions.

We consider ourselves privileged to have wonderful helping partners like you parents, who would be instrumental in achieving the common goal, dream and vision to help enable all the aspiring SRSians to outshine. We would like to thank and congratulate you for your outstanding support and motivation which led us to dream big only for you, a dream which you had thought for your child, a dream which is ours now to realize.

We will embolden ourselves to strive and make sure that new developments is a continuous process. We assure you that we will encourage and inculcate top class teaching as well as training environment and make education a holistic experience here. We take pride on the depth and breadth of our curriculum, the quality of our faculty, and unconventional learning environment through our 5E's Concept (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate) with a relevant mix of different teaching practices which would guide & motivate every student to perform and excel.

When you visit us, you will be delighted to see the state-of-the-art infrastructure equipped with latest digital training aids - digital class rooms, music hall and theater, lavish Kids Zone with latest toys focused to improve mental ability, logical analysis of children and encouraging them to learn.

Apart from ample indoor and outdoor game facilities, the school is commissioned with a creative zone, airy and well-equipped classrooms, celebration hall, a comprehensive and complete computer and language lab, to name a few. One of the most striking facets of SRS International School is a reflection and showcasing the diversity of minds, thoughts, creativity and skills etc., of the young souls of the school. It is said that a leader is conceived with the birth of every child, yet he/ she is developed and moulded into a successful person only through comprehensive and all-round education, having strong roots in one's formative years; the only need is to provide an enabling environment, careful nurturing, and a springboard for meaningful blossoming and effective use of unbound talents.

Dr. Anil Jindal,

Knowledge Patner